Econiclay is a revolutionary inorganic powder activation technology material, which is based on inorganic solid waste such as soil, stone edge material and non-metallic tailings. These inorganic substances are carefully collected, sorted and crushed into microscopic powders. The particles are then modified at low temperatures with specific surfactants, so that each particle is coated with the active ingredient, presenting a multi-layer network structure, and finally forming an active inorganic powder. In English-speaking countries, this soil-based material is called "econiclay", while in the Chinese industry standard, it is named "Modified Clay Materials (MCM)", which is a typical ecological environmental material.

Econiclay hybrid with various polymer materials, can create a variety of organic-inorganic hybrid ecological environmental materials, suitable for different industries and product performance needs, such as building materials, auto parts, shell, leather and other fields, become an ideal substitute for plastic products.

econiclay BIPV

Econic clay has stronger ionic bonds and mixed bonds than metal bonds and pure covalent bonds in the crystal structure. The unique high bond energy and high bond strength of this chemical bond endow the material with basic properties such as flexibility, high melting point, corrosion resistance, and good oxidation resistance. At the same time, it has two molding modes: molded parts and cast molded parts. Compared with the thermosetting plastic process, the molded parts of environmentally friendly activated soil materials have obvious environmental protection and cost advantages. Compared with cement products, casted parts have the advantages of longer empty period of process paddles, more refined products and flexibility.

Carbon neutral material solutions - ecological auto parts


Econiclay-derived automotive components cover interior and exterior elements, bringing new technology and sustainability to the automotive industry. This series of exterior components not only shows outstanding aesthetic design, but also has photoelectric conversion function, bringing unprecedented innovation to the new energy vehicle industry. At the same time, the interior parts show imitation leather, wood and stone textures, while integrating photoelectric display function, making the interior space more beautiful, practical and intelligent. We combine optoelectronic materials with automotive parts materials to provide automotive manufacturers with high-tech green alternative solutions that help significantly reduce carbon emissions from vehicle production. This innovation not only promotes the sustainable development of the automotive industry, but also provides consumers with more environmentally friendly and technological options for car functions. Automotive components derived from econiclay not only shape the green future, but also provide drivers with a more intelligent and comfortable driving experience.

Carbon neutral material solution - ecological case

econiclay eco-environmental materials derived from the ecological case has a wide range of applications, including mobile phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and other products. These application areas not only cover various electronic devices needed for daily life, but also extend to important areas such as home appliances and office equipment. Compared to the traditional plastic case, the ecological case is unique in that it leads the case manufacturing industry to a carbon neutral future. Using carbon-neutral materials, this innovative product offers industry companies a viable solution to achieve zero-carbon products. This not only meets users' demand for high-quality scientific and technological products, but also actively responds to the call for environmental protection and sustainable development. Products using ecological housing not only have a high degree of technical performance, but also actively reduce carbon emissions in the process of production and use, and promote the sustainable development of human society. The application of ecological case is not only beneficial to consumers, but also has a positive impact on production enterprises and the entire industry. It encourages companies to adopt more environmentally friendly materials and production methods, promoting the concept of carbon neutral and sustainable production.

Award Certificates

China Patent Award

Eu Environmental Materials Award

Gold Award at the Asian International Innovation and Invention Awards

China Kunshan International Invention Award Gold Medal

Gold Medal for inventions at the Paris Invention Fair

Excellent Project Award of New Material Innovation Competition of Ministry of Science and Technology


Certification · Qualification

National High-Tech Enterprise

National Torch Program Project

National Strategic Emerging Industry Project

Guangdong Province High-Tech Products

Guangxi Province High-Tech Products

Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprises

National Certification

Safety Standardized Production Certificate

Occupational Health Management System Certification

China Environmental Labeling (Type II) Product Certification (Ten Rings)

Green Building Material Evaluation Mark Certificate (Samsung Green Label)


International Certification

ISO9001, ISO14001

U.S. UL Green Guard Certification

Certificate of Conformity of Russian Building Sanitary Use Regulations

Marine Equipment Directive MED Certification

Certificate of Conformity With Russian Fire Protection Regulations

Malaysia Fireproof Material Certification

European Union Fireproof Material Certification

Korea Green Label

Singapore Green Label

Polish Quality Certification

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